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Papillon Beauty Salon - Nail salon near me 95136 and Hair salon near me 95136 - San Jose CA: What are the benefits of a hot oil treatment? Many of the plant oils used in a hot oil treatment have properties that may help protect and moisturize your hair.

Other potential benefits of hot oil treatments include:

  • increased hair strength
  • reduced dryness of both the scalp and hair
  • help with dandruff relief
  • reduced frizz
  • fewer split ends
  • increased blood flow in the scalp, which may help promote healthier hair

What is Scalp Shading?

Scalp shading refers to a cosmetic procedure in which semi-permanent cosmetic makeup is applied to the scalp in order to create the illusion of hair. This process uses custom-colored ink to match the color of your skin and scalp, giving the appearance of hair where there no longer is any.

The process of scalp shading involves applying the makeup to the skin, in order to reduce the contrast between the color of the hair and the color of the scalp. People who have turned to scalp shading as a hair loss solution often complain that the procedure does not effectively replicate the follicles enough, especially as more hair is lost and the scalp becomes increasingly visible. In addition, some of the companies who offer scalp shading tend to use tattoo ink, which may lose their color over time and are extremely difficult to remove by laser.