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Papillon Beauty Salon - Nail salon near me 95136 and Hair salon near me 95136 - San Jose CA: Oily hair can play havoc to your gorgeous looks but it can also cause hair loss. Oily greasy hair is a complete turn off and makes the hair fall flat, styling your hair is impossible under such situations. To get rid of this hair problem we make a list of the causes of oily air. It will help you decide the treatment. So here are the causes and treatments for you.


- There’s an excess production of sebum from the body.

- Sebum is a waxy substance that makes the hair soft and waterproofs it. Hormonal changes are responsible for oily and greasy hair.

- Teenagers ace this problem, where their hair is oily and greasy. Your hair products can cause oily hair.

- Build up of toxins and oil if the hair is not washed after a long duration.

- Diseases too increase the secretion on sebum.

- Genetics too can be blamed for excess build up of oils.

- Perspiration and environmental factors lead to greasy hair.


- Change your shampoo.

- Wash your hair often and thoroughly rinse out hair products.

- Avoid combing and brushing hair often in a day, it can transfer oil to your hair.

- Wash your hair in lukewarm or cold water, avoid high temperatures. Avoid rubbing and massaging your head as it increases the secretion of sebum.

- Oily hair can be treated; don’t let oily hair stop you from styling your hair. Just a few changes in your daily personal care can help you prevent oily hair.